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Real Vs. Suede Leather, What To Choose?

What to choose real leather or suede leather?

Man has learned the use of different natural products over some time.  Leather is one of the first few natural products that man has used. The use of leather dates back to 7,000 years. Leather is an animal product. Animals’ skins and hides are preserved by using different chemicals and the resulting material is known as leather. The tanning process preserves the leather to make it durable and suitable for human consumption. Chemical tanning, mineral tanning, and vegetable tanning are some different types of tanning processes. After tanning, leather is used to make a wide range of products like jackets, shoes, belts, purses, bags, upholstery material, recreational equipment, and machine belts.

There are different types of leather, depending upon the layer of animal skin used to make leather. Real leather and suede leather are the two most common types of leather. We also have artificial leather these days, but it has no comparison with natural leather. Usually, people get confused between real leather and suede leather and find it difficult to decide between the two. Reading this article can help you to find the difference between the two and you will be able to choose the right one for your needs.


What is real leather?

Real leather is manufactured with the grain side of the animal hide. The grain size is the surface of the hide which contains hairs and fur. Hair and fur are removed before processing the hide to make leather. Leather inherits the qualities of the animal skin and that makes it durable, flexible, and strong. Besides all these qualities, real leather looks imperfect, as scars and blemishes on the animal skin are visible even after processing. On the other hand, these signs are considered the best way to recognize real leather.


Real leather is an expensive product and used for making appeals. Designer jackets and wallets, purses, and expensive decorative items are manufactured with real leather. Leather has natural oils which must retain. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning. A mild detergent solution will be enough for cleaning. For everyday cleaning a damp cloth is sufficient. Moreover, leather products require conditioning regularly, it protect the natural oils and enhances the durability of leather. Proper drying of leather is also very important if it gets wet.

How Suede leather is manufactured?

Suede leather is manufactured with the flash side of the leather. Hides of small animals like lamb, goat, calf, and deer are commonly used to make suede leather. It is manufactured with the downside of the animal skin, so it is not strong and tough. It appears as a soft material with a matte finish. It is commonly used to make shoes, belts, upholstery, and other similar items. Jackets and appeals are also manufactured with suede.


Suede products need proper maintenance. It catches dust and dirt easily and stains can stay on it. small stains can be removed with the rubber eraser. You of toothbrush is also recommended for cleaning scuffs. However, the stubborn stain should be removed with steam cleaning.

Difference between real leather and suede leather

Real leather and suede leather are two different types of leather and they are different because they are manufactured with different parts of the hides. Real leather is manufactured without a layer or grain side of the hide, while suede is made from the flash side or inner layer of the hide. Real leather is smooth, and its surface is shiny, but suede leather is textured with a matte finish. Real leather is flexible, and suede is more flexible and supple.


What to choose real leather and suede leather?

The answer to this question lies in your needs, likes, and requirements. Real and suede both are different types of leather with different qualities. Real leather is durable while suede is soft and supple. If you are looking for a durable long-lasting material for your apparel, which you can wear for years, choose real leather. However, if you prefer soft and supple jackets, suede leather is the right choice.

Similarly, if you like shiny leather products, and want everyone to know at once that you are wearing a leather jacket, real leather is the right choice. On the other hand, if you like a matte finish, choose suede leather. Fancy leather products like party jackets are usually manufactured with real leather, as the shinny leather surface provides the right base. Likewise, biker jackets and other sports jackets which are meant to provide protection are also manufactured with real leather. The toughness and strength of real leather provide the necessary protection.

On the other hand, products that require a soft and matte finish are manufactured with suede leather. Another important factor in the selection is the budget. Real leather is expensive as compared to suede leather. If your budget is limited yet you want a leather product, you can find it in suede leather material. Real leather is competitively expensive.


It is hard to say, which one is the best. Real leather has its advantages and suede has some amazing benefits. The choice between the two depends on your requirements. If you need a durable product and you can afford to spend some money too, real leather is the best choice. If you are looking for a soft and supple product, which looks great and fits within your budget, choose suede leather. Every type of material has its pros and cons. Leather is a natural material and processing makes it useful for human consumption. Quality of hiding, materials used for process, and the processing itself determine the price of the leather. Choose appropriate leather products which fulfill your needs. If you are looking for a party jacket, real leather is the best option but for everyday use, you can choose suede leather because of its matte finish. No matter, which types of leather you prefer, buy it from a reliable store. Make sure you are getting the best return for your money.