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Cobra Kai Costume Guide


Cobra Kai is a comedy TV show based on martial arts. It was started in May 2018 and we have seen five seasons of the American TV show. Recently, the sixth and final season of the show has been announced and everyone is waiting for it anxiously. Young and experienced actors are part of this phenomenal show and make it a huge success around the globe. Cobra Kai has millions of fans around the world. They enjoy comedy and love to copy the outfits of their favorite actors too. If you are a fan of Cobra Kai, we have a costumed guide for you. These are some useful fashion tips, which you can use to upgrade your style game.

Cobra Kai is the sequel to Karate kid films. So the first jacket which you can try is the blue leather jacket from the old movie. The jacket is from a 1984 movie, but it will be a classic addition to your closet. Blue color and stylish badges fit perfectly in the present fashion scene. Ron Thomas has worn it with blue pair of jeans but it will look nice with khaki pants as well. Dark blue color suits with light and dark colors, so you can wear them with anything in your closet.

Next on the list is the red Karate Kid jacket. This is a unique leather jacket that everyone loves. The red color is not easy to find when it comes to jackets. The leather jacket is all time favorite and never out of fashion. Standup style collar gives a macho look which everyone loves. The Yellow Cobra Kai logo on the chest is very prominent and helps to make a style statement. The outfit is available in two color variants; red and black choose whatever suits your personality. If you choose red, wear it with black, beige or brown pants. A black jacket looks perfect with blue jeans and for a formal look, you can try black leather pants as well. These jackets are perfect for everyday use and you can use them as biker jackets as well.

Ralph Macchio:

Cobra Kai Ralph Macchio Jacket | Daniel LaRusso Jacket

Ralph Macchio is an experienced actor and in season three of the show he was spotted in a bomber jacket. This blue cotton bomber jacket is perf et for everyday use. The front zip closure makes it very easy to use. Ralph has worn it with the same color of trousers, you can choose black, beige or even white trousers. Dark colors suit well with light ones. Moreover, it’s perfect for every age group. Young men will love the drip, while senior people can enjoy the lightweight fabric which is easy to maintain too.

Johnny Lawrence:

Cobra Kai S05 2022 Johnny Lawrence Pink Hoodie | 57% Off - Vintage Jackets

In season five of the show, Johnny Lawrence who is a popular character played by William Zabka was seen in a pink hoodie. It was a very simple costume with a wide horizontal stripe on the chest. The outfit is manufactured with fleece fabric and is very soft to the touch and wear. Johnny has worn it with blue pair of jeans you can try black as well. Pink is a light color that looks great with any dark color. Try blue or green trousers. In the contrast, it will look great with white trousers too.

Xolo Mariduena:

Cobra Kai Xolo Mariduena Planet Hollywood Jacket Flat 43% off Vintage Jackets

Young men love Xolo. He is a young boy which is performing a vital role in the show. He was spotted in a black leather jacket and everyone wanted to replicate his look. The oversized jacket looks perfect and gives a very cool look. Xolo has worn it with a red shirt and dark blue pair of jeans. You can wear the same combination and grab all the attention like Xolo. If you want to change the look try light blue or black pants, they both look nice with black jackets.

Moletom Karate Kid:

Moletom Karate Kid Cobra Kai Varsity Jacket

The last costume on our list is the yellow and black Karate kid jacket. The body of the jacket is black and the sleeves are yellow. The color combination is very unique and attractive. If you wear it, you can be the center of attention. It will look perfect with black trousers, but you can try it with blue pair of jeans as well. People who love to experiment with their looks can try light yellow trousers as well.

These are costumes from a martial arts based TV show. But they are not the typical costumes. They are perfect for everyday use. All these costumes are very comfortable to wear and manufactured with the best quality leather, cotton, fleece, satin, and other materials. Not just the fabric but buttons, zippers, and stitching are also best in quality. Buy them once and you can wear them for years. The style is universal and the fabric is durable. These costumes are offered at an affordable price. Everyone can buy quality products and enjoy a stylish look in every season.